Career Ecology

Bee : An Invitation for Integration

A Bee's Invitation

Bees teach us about community and the power of the individual. They show up for the whole, while also taking to the wind individually to find nectar rich flowers in which to drink from and share back with the hive. Bees hum, buzz, fly, spin, journey and serve. They show up in religious texts and ancient myths as royal beings capable of producing queen jellies and spun gold. Bees are fully and authentically present as servant leaders within the circle of life.

Bee invites us today to do the same – to gather ourselves up whole and live free amongst the wild flowers, always cultivating our love and authentic place within community. You are invited to join in this way of living, with all your heart. So, to begin, let's have some fun! Please move outdoors to sit in the sun, if weather allows. Then tap/click on the image below and listen joyfully to "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty. Take flight in your mind. Be free as a Bee!

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