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Live Your SPAlife

That was fun!
I just had the greatest time with Diane talking about . . .  

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Lori Wallace, Founder & CEO
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My favorite moment . . .   



Career Ecology is about personal liberation, derived from inside the abyss of the job search – on out. 

With over 20 years and thousands of hours in direct service as Executive Recruiter to professionals and employers alike, I've witnessed and coached through the complex and oft destabilizing nature of searching and hiring.

This process is fraught with confusion and anxiety, all because it's traditionally been under the sole domain of the ego. When we move from ego dominance to heart~mindfulness, everything harmonizes. 

If you feel ready to seize your personal power in the job search and claim success from this day forward, join me! 

Attached are offers for you to play with, including:
1) live chat
with me on any topic that's rising for you,
2) a dip into 'Way of the Monarch' (a rite of passage into heart~mindfulness and the real), and
3) a move right into the life enhancing effects of Career Ecology.

Life is a slow study, so take your time and browse. When you feel ready to empower yourself with Career Ecology, apply the coupon "SPA" for a 10% discount in honor of our time together with Diane.

Here's to  you full liberation and limitless joy!


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