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'My Perfect Failure'

That was fun!
I just had the greatest time with Paul Padmore chatting about issues relating to authentic living, antagonistic mentoring, and work life empowerment. We could have gone on all day! So much to explore when we dive into the topic of shedding the old to awaken the imaginal in our lives.

Paul is a highly experienced and observant human being. He directed our conversation into ever deeper areas of contemplation and exploration. He sees the gift of authentic relating and served up a rich conversation for us all.

To enjoy more podcasts with Paul, just click on his photo and explore! And to turn on your own navigation system for job change, use the coupon code "mpf" for 10% off of Career Ecology's Masterclass (link below)!
Lori Wallace, Founder & CEO
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A little background on me and Career Ecology.

I'm a Work Life Doula with over 20 years and thousands of hours in direct service as Executive Recruiter to professionals and employers alike. Through this time, I've witnessed and coached job seekers through the complex and often time destabilizing nature of the job hunt experience.

Career Ecology's Masterclass for Job Seekers is born of those years coaching professionals back to wholeness and success. Come and explore how you too can master your job search through authentic relating and integration at every touch point – including resume, interview, LinkedIn, and networking.

This is your time to succeed, and be well!

Career Ecology's Masterclass and More!

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If you feel ready to seize your personal power in the job search and claim success from this day forward, join me!  Attached are offers for you to play with, including:

1) ASK LORI: live chat with me on any topic that's rising for you

2) WAY OF THE MONARCH: Explore 'Way of the Monarch' (a rite of passage into heart~mindfulness) for free and feel into what your heart and soul most desires

3) CAREER ECOLOGY's MASTERCLASS for JOB SEEKERS (10% Discount): When you feel ready to empower your work life with Career Ecology, apply the coupon "mpg" for a single use 10% discount in service to you, and in honor of our time together with Paul.

Here's to your full liberation and limitless joy!
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