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Career Ecology is
Authentic Relating

at Every Key Touch Point.

  Tap the 5 drivers below to explore!  

Career Ecology liberates authentic relating in a manner that's professional and powers attraction.

Success lies in your ability to tune into your vital spark and radiate out your gifts via resume, interview, search, networking, and LinkedIn. 

 Career Ecology is a Full Year Subscription 
 with Online + Weekly Office Hours 

Meet Your Mentor

Lori Wallace is the founder of Career Ecology and mentor to your working soul.


She brings a system of relational intelligence born out of two decades of in-depth Executive Recruitment and Agency ownership experience, plus education and training into human psychology and nature systems.


Serving the aspirations of complex organizations and highly skilled new graduates to CEO's, she's devoted her work to the liberation of human aspiration and joy. 


Through years of intense work and observation, Lori's learned what's behind both the joy and deep pain of the job/talent search experience, and she's found it's this – authenticity. Without it, skill and fit cannot be properly expressed, nor trusted. Everyone suffers.

Career Ecology brings a powerful solution shaped by a studied heart-mind integration and its impact on empowerment and wellbeing – and success.


Come chat on any Tuesday at 3:30 pm pst.

What people are saying.

Andrew Carothers, CCXP

The Responsive Resume gave me an effective and unique way to put my best foot forward to potential employers. Based on years of recruiting experience, its structure is shining a bright spotlight on what employers care most about: impact you’ve made in your career, work experience, and skills in a single glance. It also allows me room for lots of keyword optimization, which is vital for getting noticed by recruiters. Plus, its visually appealing style makes you stand out at first glance. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Andrew Carothers Portrait

Empowerment begins here.
Are you ready to prosper?

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