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Wings and ALL!

We are Hummingbirds!

Do you see it?

Do you feel it?

Are you ready to try out your wings?

It's time to celebrate! You have journeyed far with brilliant guides by your side to help you shed social conditioning and come back to your true self.


You were born to be wild. You were born to fly!


I welcome you now to take to the sky and live out your life free as a bird!


Start here by listening to my final audio message, which is more of a prayer. I include with it a bit of hummingbird wisdom to affirm what's possible. Listen, and then afterward move on to the next chapter for sacred geometry where the gift of your Journey Mandala awaits you.


HummingbirdLori Wallace
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The spiritual meaning for hummingbird is love and happiness. It represents the miracle of life and all the wondrous things that make up life.

Just as the hummingbird flies far and wide and in any direction it chooses, so too are you.


The hummingbird totem encourages you to enjoy life and keep yourself light and free.

When you have an affinity with the hummingbird, you also are able to move swiftly and think quickly. You glide from one place to the next.


Just like the hummingbird spirit animal, you too are resilient, free, fierce – and magnificent!

Head now to see your journey mandala!
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