This era of global pandemic and social conflict has revealed a truth  whose time has come.  



Namely, Social and Emotional wellness are paramount to our ability to manage crisis, be creative, and thrive in any condition and at any time.  

Employee Empowerment

It's time for Employee development to be intentionally empowering.

  EEP is the new proactive EAP  

Cultivate heart resilience in your people,

with Employee Empowerment Programming –

and unleash limitless success for all! 

Your task is not to seek for love, but m

Empowered Cultures

Cultivating Heart Resilience

Employee Assistance Programs support employees in their personal times of need, and that's a good thing.  But, what if  that support was aimed at cultivating heart resilience, thereby unleashing new levels of collaboration, creativity and success?  Welcome to "Career Ecology", a social renewal program for businesses that frees people to connect authentically to self and others, empowering the best in collaborative community.


Your task is not to seek for love, but m

Mindful Interviewing

Powering Attraction

Interviewing is the process for assessing talent. Right? Well yes, at the surface.  But, truthfully, so much more is going on and so much is being left at the table.  Interviewing is a gateway to not only assessing but attracting top talent. It's also a gateway to advancing your business's reputation in the candidate pool and the community, to spreading positive PR, to seeding trust and more.  Imagine all the good that can come from a mindful approach to interiewing, and all the damage that can come from a mindless approach that leaves people feeling confused, or worse, offended. Mindful Interviewing feeds the very soul of our organization.  It's time to leverage this channel for all its worth.  


Your task is not to seek for love, but m

Healthy Transitions

Renewal Amid Job Loss

Businesses grow and retract as needed – that's business.  And sometimes retraction means eliminating positions.  That's hard.  At Career Ecology we serve employers by guiding their laid off employees into an embrace of change that is a vibrant and enriching gateway to wholeness. Outplacement services are not enough.  People need meaningful support and mentoring for how to navigate the emotional and practical terrain of job loss, the chaos of the modern job market, and the path to renewal. 


Your task is not to seek for love, but m

Embracing Diversity

Unleashing Vibrant Community

Diversity is a gateway to community wholeness. Only through embracing the natural gifts of our uniqueness and that of our fellow humans, may we begin to touch all corners of our creative universe.  Career Ecology partners with Tracy Pepper of "Color Me Human" to cultivate cultures of diversity, inclusion and deep collaboration.


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