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A bee asks,

"Where does your heart intersect with the dream of the world?"


All through your journey with the Monarch, you've removed barriers and rewilded your senses in preparation for this very moment and this very essential question. So, here you are, amongst the wild flowers. The time is now to ask and answer the question of your own intersection, and when ready – live it!

First, let's meet our mentor!

Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and even bats live in direct relationship with plants in a manner that is mutualistic and essential. This mutuality is as old as time and it teaches us deep lessons about harmony, integration and unlimited prosperity for all. Take a moment to view this short video and stunning images of the world of pollinators, captured by the ever attentive Louie Schwartzberg. These are our pinnacle teachers for belonging in the our beautiful world.





So have you heard the loud buzz of bumble bees? This buzz is quite different from the hum of honey bees flying about collecting pollen, enmasse. This buzz is created by the rubbing of wings together which in turn unleashes a unique freqency that triggers plants with closed anthers of pollen to open and release their gold. This is not a spray and pray model. This is a model where a creature's frequency is in actual attunement with a specific plant and as such the frequency invites intimate engagement.


So I ask you, what if humans could do the same thing? Good news, we actually can!  And you are already well on your way as a pupil of the Monarch! As you have shed the old and awakened the imaginal, you have readied yourself to unleash your own unique frequency in the world. Your unique frequency before now was dampened or even silenced under the weight of coping mechanisms, anxieties, fear of being seen, confusion around communicating, pressure to conform, and so much more. Now is your time to break free and buzz pollinate your ilfe!

First, nature show's us how it's done!

Now let's turn up the volume on your unique frequency with this Self Mentoring Interview.

Time to active your buzz! Begin by downloading the "Self Mentoring Interview" worksheet and fill it out completely. Have fun with the ten questions. Probe your deepest feelings, thoughts, and longings. This process precedes the next step where you will discover your central frequency, ie, your place of buzz pollination, of unique intersection.


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