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  My Feng Shui Resume brings to life my story, personality, and commitments.  I am so much more than a linear list of responsibilities and metrics presented in chronological order. I am my story, and I am ready to be seen.


Shawn Bjorndal


Compare the top pages for Traditional vs. Feng Shui. Notice how with the Feng Shui Resume, readers can gather the full genius and story of an individual in one deep glance.  Full details are found in the back pages (full CV).



Feng Shui Your Resume

on the count of Three!


step 1:

Register & Prep!

  • Register for Feng Shui Resume with Career Ecology ($65)

  • Watch Video Tutorial on Template, Design, Process & Resources

  • Complete Your Resume Worksheet

  • Download Docs including Style Guide, LinkedIn Guide and Cover Letter Template

  • Tune into Career Lab Live with any questions, anytime!

step 2:

Pick Your Writer!

  • Each writer is independent and has completed Career Ecology's Certification

  • From the directory, browse and select your writer of choice

  • Email your writer directly, make payment, and begin

  • Following the first round of build, join your writer for a 30 minute live consult to go even deeper and draw out your genius!

step 3: share!

Share & Get Noticed!


Your final Feng Shui Resume packet includes:

  1. Your full Feng Shui CV

  2. Your 1-Page Executive Summary

  3. Your LinkedIn Guide with copy plug-in instructions

  4. Multiple versions of each in PDF, Word and Pages formats

Time to share your new Feng Shui Resume with your network of friends and colleagues – and be seen for the gift you truly are in the world!