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Embracing Change as a Gateway to Wholeness.

Natural transitions in life –

such as job change, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, healing, and more – are potent and overlooked opportunities for personal growth and joy.


— Lori Wallace, Founder

Change Eco has been made for these times.
It's depth coaching, skills training and mystery school –
all wrapped up in to one inspiring and affordable experience. 
Checkout the adventure that awaits you – follow us and get an inside view, immediately!

Change Eco is much more than a coaching program.  It's two in one – providing real life practical skills, plus a personal guidance system that will free you from a life of false barriers, both self and environmentally imposed.

Change Eco is a key to vibrant living.

Eco-Map of Social Renewal


Nature Knows.

When we can get out of our own ego centricity and open up to authentic relating to self and the world around us, then life harmonizes.

Change Eco is an intentional weave between both the poetic and the practical – inspiring your whole success, while opening you to a life-long guidance system inspired by nature's intelligence.  


Organized by 5 modules (spanning over 12-weeks), Change Eco takes you on a journey of initiation, that includes:

  • Snake: Truth & Self Awareness

  • Chrysalis: Co-Creation

  • Lion: Heart Intelligence

  • Wolf: Authentic Relating

  • Bee: Belonging

Change Eco's first journey is in to the landscape of 'Work' with "Career Ecology" – a potent place of change and thereby a potent place of renewal.

Fierce Lion
"Career Ecology brings out the best in me.  The program applies and teaches tools that allow me to not only excel at my career but my personal life as well.  I have found that after completing this program, I am ready to present to the world with authenticity and confidence. Lori is a leader who leads with heart and experience.  And when you have a leader leading by not only example, but with heart in today's times, anything is possible." – Preet, 2020

Master your job search while uncovering your authentic purpose and place in life.

Welcome to Career Ecology!

We'll take you on an inspired journey of initiation that frees you from the pain and alienation of work.

Untitled design-7.png

Stress from toxic work cultures

Feelings of overwork and overwhelm

Lack of personal fulfillment with work

Drain from application rejections

Stress over ghosting

Superficial social networks

free from pain

free to thrive

Full Eco-Map for Social Renewal +

Feng Shui Resume

Biodynamic Search Process

Heart Compass Decisioning

Mindful Interviewing Skills

Conscious Networking

the journey

Career Ecology is an inspired 12-week journey that flex's with your daily life, as needed.
 Guidance and inspiration is shared via our online learning platform, plus weekly one-hour live and interactive Zoom calls, moving meditations, community engagement challenges and forums, and direct mentor support for a full bodied experience. 
Wolf runnin in snow.jpg
Career Ecology Begins Soon!
Sign up below to receive updates about the journey –
and reach us via Live Chat with any questions.
The time is now! Can you feel it?
Join us and reclaim the whole of you.
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