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Diversity and cooperation are two essential principles for the proliferation of life on this planet. According to the Biomimicry Institute, (which bridges nature-inspired solutions to human problems), nature's resilience relies on highly evolved methods for collaboration. Imagine, where would we be without flowers and bees doing their fertility dance?


The natural world is completely reliant upon diverse organisms interrelating and that is what wolf is here to remind us.


A warning from nature.


We humans either embrace diversity and cooperate, or we're doomed to suffer. There it is. Embrace diversity or suffer – or perhaps even die. This is our over-sized "why" for taking the risk of showing up as whole in a world so bent on shaming us into shattered versions of ourselves.


Wolf would have us begin in the space of necessity – integrate or collapse.


Drop into this inspired example of what happened when wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995. They single handedly saved an ecosystem just by virtue of their authentic presence and balancing effects on the whole.


is Diversity in Action

Considering the range of human temperaments is an interesting place to explore when celebrating diversity. Take into account, for example, that in our busy society we tend to celebrate extroversion at the expense of introversion. But, as you will see as we explore the whole ecosystem of us, we'd be lost without our melancholics who often show up as our poets, philosophers, and deep feelers.


The four temperaments make a whole within the human family. Whether it be working as a team, building a house, forming a band, growing a garden, producing a play, forming a board of directors, etc., the world's greatest achievements are made out of systems that are balanced and whole.


Take a look at this illustration below of a fully functioning ecosystem. It is expressive of all four temperaments. Where does your main temperament fit in? Are you buzzing about like the social bee? Or are you hard at work in the dirt getting stuff done? Or are you the rain maker or fire starter? 

Bees: Sanguine (air)

Sun/Rain/Moon: Choleric (rain maker)

Soil Creatures: Phlegmatic (earthen)

Molten Center: Melancholic (fire)

Four Temperaments Art


Makes Us Whole

Let's play with what diversity looks like in your life.


To prepare, have your personal temperament information at the ready. When you began your epic journey with me, I invited you to take the Four Temperaments Quiz by Psychometrics.  If you haven't taken the quiz yet, click on the link above (it will take you just 5 minutes). 

When ready, go ahead and download the worksheet and contemplate the various examples given where nature, people, groups all show up to support a piece of the whole. The final two rows are for you to contemplate and answer as it relates to your own personal ecosystem, or inner circle.


Note: For this practice, you can select from your current family, close circle of friends, work group, family of origin, etc. – any group that includes at least three people who interact closely.


Provided for your reference is also a summary for each temperament to help you assess where others in your inner circle may fall.

Four Temperaments

Diversity Worksheet

What is your primary and secondary temperament and how do you directly contribute to the whole of us?

There is much to explore and digest here. Take this week to drop in, and see you next weekend for 'Being Seen'.

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