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Career Ecology is a precision recruiting agency founded in 2005. We're made up of a high performance team that includes a dedicated sourcing sleuth and an expert executive recruiter who together bring laser focus to target searches ranging from strategic to mission critical, anywhere from analyst to CEO.  Career Ecology works in collaboration with companies acting as an extension to their Talent Acquisition team. 


Working outside the management-heavy organizational structure of traditional recruitment firms, Lori Wallace (founder and executive recruiter) rises to the level of executive consultant with critical decision making authority allowing for one on one, unobstructed engagement with clients and candidates. This is the highest level of service leading to the most optimal result every time.    

Career Ecology serves clients of all sizes ranging from start-up to multi-state organizations. Being nimble and skilled, coupled with the strength of passion to serve the foundations of human connection, is what makes Career Ecology such a valued and essential parter for success.

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  Conscious Recruiting  
  Contigency Search  
  Placement Guarantee  
  Competitive Fee  


Lori Wallace, Executive Recruiter


Let's discuss your needs and open the door to meaningful human connection across recruitment, transitions (outplacement), culture enrichment, and more!

(aka outplacement)

The news of a sudden lay-off can be traumatizing.  Couple that with climate, Covid impact, and culture shifts – there's serious cause for deep anxiety and even PTSD.


But, it doesn't have to be that way.


Change is essential for life.  Just look to nature's record of 4.5 billion years of successful evolution.
As such, Career Ecology is helping transform the fear based mindset into one of empowered growth during times of change.


Empowerment, instead of outplacement, meets the needs of the whole human by providing professional, social, and wellness support leading to exciting outcomes for all..

"Career Ecology brings out the best in me.  The program applies and teaches tools that allow me to not only excel at my career but my personal life as well.  I have found that after completing this program, I am ready to present to the world with authenticity and confidence. Lori is a leader who leads with heart and experience.  And when you have a leader leading by not only example, but with heart in today's times, anything is possible."


Empowerment is Holistic. 



  • Full year of Career Ecology’s Empowerment Career Kit

  • Resume, Interviewing, Search Design, Networking

  • Learning Platform + Live Weekly Trainings & Support

Yoga at Home


  • 3 Months, Wellness  Membership

  • Stress Relief

  • Mindfulness Guidance and Relief

Group Seflie


  • Local membership into partnering local networking clubs

  • LIVE Monthly Events

  • Social Inclusion,  Community Service Events

Traditional "outplacement" services are artifacts of the 90's. They generally exist 100% online, are dependent on contracted coaches with spotty quality and commitment, and cost way to much. The high fees (averaging $3,500) come with painfully low satisfaction rates amongst users and reportedly even spike more anxiety.

Introducing Empowerment as an Employee Benefit.

By integrating professional skills support with wellness and enlivened social engagement, Career Ecology has transformed outplacement into empowerment – making this a valuable employee benefit.  The positive impact on employees' capacities to transition and be well is in complete alignment with conscious business practices, and builds on reputational good-will at a time when the world needs it most.

Click below to witness Career Ecology in collaboration with local San Diego networking groups and partnerships to witness  the difference compassionately delivered support has on human beings and their capacity to not only endure, but thrive.

See Empowerment in Action

And good news!

Career Ecology's fee is 1/2 the industry standard making this a great way to do good and feel great about managing change.

It's simply good business.

Contact us today for more information on how you can best support your organization's readiness for change, while empowering your people and reputation every step of the way.

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