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feng shui resume

  • Progressive Flow Design

  • Executive Summary  Plus Full CV

  • Featured Impacts

  • Live Consult

  • LinkedIn Guide

  • Cover Letter Template


Access to Career Ecology's Certified Feng Shui Writers Network

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bio-dynamic search method

  • Master Complex Job  Search Terrains

  • Establish a 3-fold Path

  • Transform Chaos into Success using the Biodynamic Way and Tool Kit

  • Transition with Ease and Confidence

  • Access to Career Lab anytime for Support


Access to Career Ecology's Holistic Career Coaching & Branding Network


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mindful inter-viewing

  • Authentic Relating

  • Heart~ Mindedness

  • Interviewing as a Service

  • Mutual Attraction

  • Comfort across all Outcomes


Access to Career Ecology's Holistic Career Coaching Network

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of the monarch

An Initiatory Journey into Real Self, where Mind Intelligence bows to Heart Intelligence.

Includes at your own pace 14 interactive modules plus a weekly lively discussion and Q&A.

"Shed the Old

Awaken the Imaginal

And Fly Free!"


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Authentic Relating