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Are you ready to find yours?

Just like the catapillar who sheds its skin to cocoon then fly, your professional success depends on your capacity to go deep and activate your imaginal self.

Career Ecology is 12 weeks of depth mentoring that liberates authentic relating to self and the world around you, while providing expert job search guidance across Resume, Interviewing and Search Design – a complete and fully supported journey.
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A message from our founder and depth mentor, 

Lori Wallace

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Nature Knows.

When we shed ego centricity and open up to authentic relating to self and the world around us – life harmonizes.

Guided by Nature's Map of Social Renewal, Career Ecology offers an intentional weave between both the practical and the poetic – inspiring your whole success, while opening you to a life-long guidance system inspired by nature's intelligence.  

Organized by 5 modules (spanning over 12-weeks), we take you on a journey of initiation, that includes:

  • Snake: Truth & Self Awareness

  • Chrysalis: Co-Creation

  • Lion: Heart Intelligence

  • Wolf: Authentic Relating

  • Bee: Belonging

And to support your professional success, we include the Career Ecology Job Kit:

  • Feng Shui Your Resume & Your LinkedIn*

  • Co-creative Search Design  

  • Mindful Interviewing & Networking*

* The tool kit is included in Career Ecology; and also available a la carte.

Fierce Lion
"Career Ecology brings out the best in me.  The program applies and teaches tools that allow me to not only excel at my career but my personal life as well.  I have found that after completing this program, I am ready to present to the world with authenticity and confidence. Lori is a leader who leads with heart and experience.  And when you have a leader leading by not only example, but with heart in today's times, anything is possible." – Preet, 2020
Career Ecology Graduate

Master your job search while uncovering your authentic purpose and place in life.

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free from pain

Stress from toxic work cultures

Feelings of overwork and overwhelm

Lack of personal fulfillment with work

Drain from application rejections

Depletion from ghosting

Feeling lost and overwhelmed

free to thrive

Full Eco-Map for Social Renewal

Feng Shui Resume

Biodynamic Search Process

Finding Purpose & Place

Mindful Interviewing Skills

Conscious Networking

the journey

Inspired 12-week journey that flex's with your daily life, as needed.
 Guidance and inspiration is shared via our online learning platform, plus weekly one-hour live and interactive Zoom calls, moving meditations, engagement challenges, and direct mentor support for a full bodied experience. 

expert mentor

Lori Wallace


Depth Coaching





CEO, Career Ecology: 2 years

CEO, igMedical Search: 15 years

Executive Coach | Speaker: 10 years

Executive, Financial Services: 8 years

Certified Coach | Wild Soul Ecology

UCLA, BA Psychology | 1988

best value

Traditional Career Coaching that includes all the support and services included in Change Ecology runs upwards of $2,400 (approx $200/hr).

Career Eco's lively and engaged model provides a wholly unique depth of experience and quality of support – all at a price designed for inclusion: $425*.

Conscious Pricing: We are on a mission of inclusivity. That means both flow and pricing has been set for accessibility. New Graduate? Congrats! Take your New Grad discount ($100 off) at check out!

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Career Ecology is Open!
There are no cut off dates or limitations.
Career Ecology operates like a river – we are always in flow and everyone is welcome!