Career Ecology

Unlock Your Imaginal Self!

Social conditioning has the unintended (or sometimes intended) consequences of keeping us small, overwhelmed, almost inert.

The time is now to shed that which is too small for you and live a life where passions intersect with the needs of the world.  You have the power to live a life of authenticity, and thrive!

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Career Ecology's Map of

Liberation & Renewal


Nature Knows.

When people can shed ego centricity and open up to authentic relating to self and the world around them – life harmonizes.

Guided by our Eco Map of Social Renewal, Career Ecology offers an intentional weave between both the practical and the poetic – inspiring one's whole success, while opening them to a life-long guidance system inspired by nature's intelligence.  


Organized by 5 modules (spanning over 12-weeks), we take people on a journey of renewal, that includes:

  • Snake: Truth & Self Awareness

  • Chrysalis: Co-Creation

  • Lion: Heart Intelligence

  • Wolf: Authentic Relating

  • Bee: Service & Belonging

American culture conditions people away from authentic relating.  Building heart resilience starts with shedding conditioning and cherishing the genius in self and every other being.

Fierce Lion
"Career Ecology brings out the best in me.  The program applies and teaches tools that allow me to not only excel at my career but my personal life as well.  I have found that after completing this program, I am ready to present to the world with authenticity and confidence. Lori is a leader who leads with heart and experience.  And when you have a leader leading by not only example, but with heart in today's times, anything is possible." – Preet, 2020

Career Ecology is a journey into authentic relating that liberates the imaginal self.

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the offering

Career Ecology
An inspired 12-week program
inclusive of:
  • Full Eco Map for Renewal
  • Online and Live Guidance
  • Embodied Practice
  • Poetic & Practical Teachings
  • Community Mentoring
  • Optional Personal Mentoring (additional fee)
Pricing: $325 per Participant*
Note: Guidance and inspiration is shared via our online learning platform (desk top and mobile), plus weekly live and interactive Zoom calls, and online Q&A. 
* Conscious Pricing: We are on a mission of inclusivity. That means both flow and pricing has been set for accessiblity. We hope this serves you deeply!

expert mentor

Lori Wallace


Depth Coaching

Depth Relating




CEO, Career Ecology: 2 years

CEO, igMedical Search: 15 years

Executive Coach | Speaker: 10 years

Executive, Financial Services: 8 years

Certified Coach | Wild Soul Ecology

UCLA, BA Psychology | 1988


Drop into Live Zoom

on Mondays at 3pm PT.


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Career Ecology
Are you ready to shed social conditioning and live a life of authenticity and joy?