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It's time to replace performance anxiety with the magic of connection and authentic presence.  It's all about story telling and service, and helping people know you.


Image by Dlanor S

Nurse Specialist

"I am not sure my words will adequately convey how much I appreciate all the help you gave to me during my job search. A simple thank you hardly seems enough. If you believe in angels, (and I do!) then I think I was blessed to have met you.  But, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Image by Kiki Siepel

Pharmacy Resident

"I just wanted to express how thankful I was to attend your seminar.  I have been to several interview seminars, but yours was the most unique and helpful.  I loved your take on how it’s all about human connection, rather than putting up a certain type of façade of being the “perfect” resident candidate."

Image by Larisa Birta

Clinical Pharmacist

"I was reflecting on what you were saying, and everything you said was so refreshing to hear.  Because of how competitive the field of pharmacy has become, I usually get very cut-throat advice about how I need to be "this" or "that", but you're right, it really is about positivity, authenticity, and connecting with the person I am talking to."

Image by Diana Parkhouse

Medical Librarian

"I was offered the position yesterday! Wow--I cannot believe it! I am excited and terrified in equal parts. 


Thank you so much for all of your help! I keep saying this but I have no words to express my gratitude. I am truly thankful and grateful for your advice and guidance."

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Feng Shui Your Resume

It's time to tell your story and tell it well.

Traditional resumes are a relic of a bygone era before computers and the Internet. 


The Feng Shui Resume is designed to remove barriers to connection so you may be truly seen and desired.

Our offering includes the Feng Shui Resume Template, training video, live Zoom training, and certified editing support to assist you in shaping your story to be all it can be.


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Biodynamic Search Method

Searching for a new job is the quickest path to enlightenment. Why?  Because it's so full of suffering. But, we can transform that suffering into success by employing the Biodynamic Search Method.  This method, serves up a foundation of expertise along with a portion of magic. Job searching is 50% honed effort and 50% collaborationwith the mystery. The secret to success is to master it all and find yourself where you  truly belong.

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Mindful Interviewing Skills 

The fundamental question that feeds our presence in an interview is, "How can I help you know me?"  We'll teach you how to move beyond performance and competition to interview from a place of authentic presence and connection – and THRIVE!


This is evolutionary and the only way to collaborate with chance and feel supported and enlivenened along the way.

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Bundle It Up & Get All Three!


Gift yourself with the mentoring and support deserve and need.

The bundle includes all three modules, including:

Feng Shui Resume

Biodynamic Search Method

Mindful Interviewing Skills

You ready to invest in your future and wellbeing?  We're here for you!

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